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Zeiss Spinning Disc
Illumina NextSeq 2
Illumina NextSeq 1
Zeiss 780 Inverted
LSR Fortessa
LSR Fortessa X50
Zeiss 880 Inverted
Sony MA900
LSR Fortessa X20 2
Illumina MiSeq
Zeiss 780 Upright MP
Attune NxT 2 AS
Clean Room Hood 1
Fusion 2
RESOLFT-STED MicroscopeConfocal Microscopy
7500 Fast RT-PCR (Machine 2)PCR Equipment
7500 Fast RT-PCR (Machine 3)PCR Equipment
AFMConfocal Microscopy
Akta Pure liquid chromatography systemChromatography System
Attune NxT 1 ASFlow Cytometry - High-end Analyzers
Attune NxT 2 ASFlow Cytometry - High-end Analyzers
Attune NxT 3 ASFlow Cytometry - High-end Analyzers
BiacoreAnalytical equipment
BiomarkClean Room Facilities
CLARIOstarPlate Readers
Cat3 Abberior STEDConfocal Microscopy
ChromiumClean Room Facilities
Clean Room Hood 1Clean Room Facilities
Clean Room Hood 2Clean Room Facilities
Clean Room PCR Set 1PCR Equipment
Clean Room PCR Set 2PCR Equipment
Clean Room RobotClean Room Facilities
Covaris ME220Sonicator
DeltaVisionWidefield Microscopy
Demo ResourceConfocal Microscopy
FACSAria II SORPFlow Cytometry - Cell sorters
FACSAria IIIuFlow Cytometry - Cell sorters
Fusion 1Flow Cytometry - Cell sorters
Fusion 2Flow Cytometry - Cell sorters
Harrier GPU1Computers
Illumina MiSeqSequencing Facility
Illumina NextSeq 1Sequencing Facility
Illumina NextSeq 2Sequencing Facility
Image Analysis - AiryscanComputers
Image Analysis - CODEXComputers
Image Analysis - IMARISComputers
LSR FortessaFlow Cytometry - High-end Analyzers
LSR Fortessa X20 1Flow Cytometry - High-end Analyzers
LSR Fortessa X20 2Flow Cytometry - High-end Analyzers
LSR Fortessa X50Flow Cytometry - High-end Analyzers
LSR IIFlow Cytometry - High-end Analyzers
Leica SP8 STEDConfocal Microscopy
Leica SPEIIConfocal Microscopy
Leica Widefield/CODEXWidefield Microscopy
MHU Fume Hood rm 315PCR Equipment
MHU PCR WorkstationPCR Equipment
Olympus IX71 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope - Room 329MHU - Microscopes
Olympus MVX10 MacroView Fluorescence Microscope - Room 329 MHU - Microscopes
Olympus TIRFTIRF Microscopy
PicoquantConfocal Microscopy
Promega GloMax LuminometerPlate Readers
QuantStudio 3 RT-PCRPCR Equipment
QuantStudio7 HIU_QS7_1 (384)PCR Equipment
QuantStudio7 HIU_QS7_2 (96)PCR Equipment
Robot Liquid Handler Biomek FxPClean Room Facilities
Roy/Bannard PartekComputers
Seahorse XFPlate Readers
Sony MA900Flow Cytometry - Cell sorters
StepOnePlus RT-PCR (Machine 4)PCR Equipment
TTP Mosquito Nanolitre Liquid Handler Clean Room Facilities
Typhoon FLA 9500Biomolecular Imaging
VibratomeTissue sectioning
Zeiss 780 InvertedConfocal Microscopy
Zeiss 780 Upright MPConfocal Microscopy
Zeiss 880 InvertedConfocal Microscopy
Zeiss Spinning DiscConfocal Microscopy
ddPCR (Automated Droplet Generator)PCR Equipment
ddPCR (Manual Droplet Generator)PCR Equipment
ddPCR (Reader)PCR Equipment
ddPCR (Thermal Cycler)PCR Equipment
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